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Sarah Couchman ND BSc D.O., Registered Naturopath and experienced muscular skeletal practitioner, helping clients take back control of their health and wellbeing.

• Personalised health plans

• Weight management

• Muscle strength programmes

• Structural and soft tissue treatment

• Sports therapy and optimal performance advice

• Deep tissue massage

Forget the diets - think smart food

Not getting the results you need when it comes to building muscle or losing weight?

Suffering from a sensitive gut or feeling unwell after eating?

Feel tired all the time with no real cause?

It's time for a change.

By combining the disciplines of naturopathy and musculoskeletal therapy, we can create bespoke and highly effective nutrition health care plans to improve energy, strength and beauty from within, while simultaneously providing you with the structural and soft tissue treatments you need to optimise your performance and give your body and wellbeing a boost.

Our nutritional services can help you to overcome:

• Weight issues

• Hormonal problems

• Skin conditions

• Food sensitivities and intolerance

• Lack of energy


And our muscle and skeletal treatment services can deal with:

• Back and neck pain

• Muscular aches and strains

• Creaky, painful joints

• Sports injuries


Case study A - male, 35, shoulder injury

Balancing a busy work life with a young family, client A found himself ramping up the intensity of his gym workouts in an attempt to achieve better results in a shorter amount of time. Without giving himself enough time to adequately stretch, he inevitably injured his shoulder while lifting weights. Failing to give himself enough time to rest and recuperate, he continued to work out until the pain became too much.

Client A visited me at my clinic over the course of two sessions, I was able to resolve the structural complaint. During a follow-up, I also helped him by creating a nutrition plan that would optimise health and help him return to a pain-free workout.

Case study B - female, student, stress and back pain

With academic stress on her shoulders, Client B suffered from persistent back pain, lack of motivation and problems with her digestion. She needed support in adopting a natural lifestyle which would increase energy and mental clarity with no inhibiting side effects that would interfere with her ability to study.

I offered this client a bespoke plan to help optimise her diet and fitness regime, which improved her back strength and gave her the confidence to reboot her physical and mental health.

What will your success story be?

Whether it's diet and nutrition issues, persistent pain or a combination of both, I can create a personalised programme to optimise your health and steer you clear of injury or pain.

Contact me today and take your first step towards a healthier you.


Resolve life's problems before they change life.

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