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About Naturopathy

The Oxford Naturopath

Helping you take control of your own wellbeing

About Naturopathy

The Oxford Naturopath 

Sarah Couchman- Senior Naturopath at the Wellbeing Clinic Headington.

Welcome to my website, I am a Registered Naturopath and sports injury practitioner specialising in spinal and nutritional health. I have over twenty years clinical experience, treating muscular and skeletal problems, alongside gut and dietary complaints. I offer a one-stop shop of holistic health treatments tailored to individuals specific needs.

My health protocols ensure you receive timely treatment and ensure long-term wellbeing.

Allergy Testing

First a note on Allergy testing service

There are many companies offering food intolerance and allergy testing services, I recommend York testing. However, a word of caution, allergy testing is not full proof and a test taken today can change if taken again somewhere else. The recommendation is before you spend money on expensive tests, think about the obvious...! Then get some sound advice which will more likely relieve your symptoms, simply because you have avoided the food typically giving you stomach bloating or IBS.

For in-depth bacteria testing; I use Biological Testing Service (BTS) for stool analysis which is based in Germany.

For more information; 

Call the Wellbeing clinic today on 01865 751111 and ask to speak with Sarah who will help you decide your best options.    


Sarah Couchman ND BSc, D.O. Sp Dip

Registered General Naturopathic Council (GNC)

With over twenty-two years clinical experience treating spinal pain and sports injuries offering relief for old and new injuries. Assessment and reassessment of postural imbalances and adaptations.

Speedy treatment protocols which enable the client to return to their activities, avoiding multiple unnecessary treatments.  


Clinics are also available on Saturday mornings.  

For Spinal, postural, nutritional & hormonal/endocrine problems to optimising health protocols. Through word of mouth, Sarah has excellent hands-on skills and advice and is known for speedy resolutions to challenging problems.

My Goal is your wellbeing

My aim is to provide a holistic approach to the treatment of unresolved health problems, which enable client's to take control of long-term health and Wellbeing. 


The Oxford Naturopath

"Helping you take control of your own Well-being"