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Sarah Couchman ND BSc, D.O. Registered GNC

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Sarah Couchman ND BSc, D.O. Registered GNC

Sarah Couchman ND BSc D.O. Reg GNC

  • Hi, In 1994 I trained in Remedial /Sports massage therapy, before moving on to train in Osteopathic medicine with Oxford Brookes University in 1997. Since then I have continued my professional development and am now a fully qualified Registered Naturopath 2007, (London School Of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences, LCNM).
  • With over twenty-two years experience in the treatment of structural and soft tissue complaints, I able to use a combined approach to aid clients on both structural and dietary complaints.
  • Some of the techniques used include; hands-on massage, mobilisation therapy, spinal assessments, corrective postural adjustments. For those in need of a more comprehensive health assessment or health, MOT a health questionnaire is available for you to complete and return to my email address.
  • I have always found treating the whole person, instead of one part, more beneficial to the client in the longterrm. For this reason I combine Naturopathic and structural clinical health models in order to give you complete effective longer term value for money. 

Primary Interest: Musculoskeletal pain, Postural imbalances, Sports injuries, Hormonal Gut (IBS) weight imbalance. 


Sarah Couchman ND BSc D.O. Registered Naturopath

Sarah Couchman ND BSc D.O. Registered Naturopath

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