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Hormonal Problems

Hormonal Problems

Adrenal fatigue, an increase in belly fat, sleep problems, moods, depression, sudden onset sweating, digestion, cravings.

Hormonal changes are one of the most common conditions treated in Natural Medicine. Many people go through swings of highs and lows for years with confusing advice, as a Naturopath I keep it plain and simple start with the foundations to health and work your way up to a state of optimum health addressing changes along the way.

The first thing to do if you suspect your suffering with hormonal imbalance is to try and get tested by your GP. In the meantime, you could answer the questions on the link below. If you tick seven, or more of these symptoms you are likely to have some form of hormonal imbalance. The fewer questions ticked may mean you are at the low end of a systemic condition, but that is when you want to address things, rather than waiting to tick every symptom.

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